Black Forest Ale [Draft Only]
Style: English Mild Ale

5 ABV 27 IBU F.G.

Description:  St. George Black Forest Ale is impenetrably dark with a thick mocha colored head.

Flavors of Biscuit and caramel are well balanced with a light hops character.

Style: English Style IPA

5.5% ABV 50 IBU F.G. 4.4

Description:  St. George English IPA is traditional English style ale with distinct hop spiciness from 100% UK Fuggles hops.

Deep copper in color, Our India Pale Ale has a full malt base and a pronounced hop aroma and is extremely well balanced.


Style: American Pale Ale

5.0% ABV 33 IBU

Description:  St. George Golden Ale is based on an old British recipe but with American Centennial and Cascade Hops.

The brew results in a slightly sweet, malty flavor with a citrusy hop character. It is golden straw in color with a thick creamy head.

Style: Amber Bock Beer

9 % ABV 28 IBU F.G. 4.6

Description:  St. George Imperial Bock is based on one of our favorite styles of German lagers.

This Amber Bock couples the dominate malt character with the crisp full-bodied base needed to support a higher-alcohol, extremely drinkable beer. Beautifully

reddish amber in color with a thick white crown.

Style: Imperial Stout

8.7 % ABV 60 IBU F.G. 7.7

Description:  St. George Imperial Stout is our tribute to the Russian Tsars of old. This Russian Stout is a huge beer.

Style: English Style Nut Brown Ale

5%ABV 28 IBU F.G 2.6

Description:  St. George Nut Brown Ale is a classic English-style Brown Ale with flavors reminiscent of biscuit and caramel that is well balanced by a mild hop character.

This beer was traditionally served in taverns as their house beer. Our Nut Brown Ale is light brown in color with a thick creamy head.

Style: Marzen

6% ABV 25 IBU

Description:  St. George Oktoberfest is a classic German style with roasted malt and caramel flavors balanced by a mild hop bitterness.

This beer was traditionally served at the start of fall in celebration of the harvests. Our Oktoberfest is pale copper-color lager. It pairs well with warm pretzels and lederhosen.

Style: German Pilsner

5%ABV 25 IBU F.G. 2.6

Description:  St. George Pilsner is a clean, crisp lager based on an old north German beer recipe.

A centuries old conditioning process and unique lager yeast result in an exceptionally smooth beer. Traditional 2 Row Pale and Munich Malts along with noble German Hops ensure a well balanced, pale golden lager with a fine creamy head.

Style: London Porter

5% ABV 32 IBU F.G. 4.8

Description:  St. George Porter is based on a traditional English style porter.

This beer weaves a complex tapestry of flavors in a ruby black colored ale. A rich malt base results in caramel and chocolate tones classically balanced with English aromatic hops.

Style: Vienna Style Lager

5.5% ABV 22 IBU F.G. 4.6

Description:  St. George Spring Lager is our representation of the original lager beer.

Sharing its roots with the Maerzan and Oktoberfest beers, this Vienna-style lager is brewed using classic European malts resulting in an amber colored beer with a rich, malt character while traditional German hops provide a noble and perfectly-balanced hop bitterness.

Style:  English Bitter

5.0%ABV 27 IBU F.G. 2.8

Description:  St. George Summer Ale couples an aggressive late hop character with a medium bodied ale to produce a highly-drinkable, thirst-quenching beer.

A slight maltiness and perfectly balanced hop bitterness along with its classic English hop finish makes this is the perfect drink for beating the summer heat. This ale is a very pale golden color with a thick creamy white head.

Style: Scotch Ale

6% ABV 25 IBU

Description:  Our Latest release, St George Winter Scotch Ale is a malty, full bodied ale with a delicate hop effect allowing wisps of peat smoked malt interwoven with a slight roastiness to come through.

Dark copper in color and finishes with a lingering peat smoke effect. A perfect seasonal for enjoying in front of the fireplace..